Other Services

As a copywriter, I strategize and write SEO-friendly copy that pushes sales and promotes higher readership engagement. I have worked in health, business, law, technology, and more. 

At Kimkim, a travel company founded by the same people as TripAdvisor, I worked as a content editor and content writer. I edited trip plans created by travel specialists before converting them into published articles and I wrote articles about getting around South Africa.

I also do editing and proofreading work for books and other projects.

“Alice brought a new energy into my business with her content creation, as well as with her positive attitude and demeanor. She can be trusted to excel at any writing task and hiring her has taken a huge load off my shoulders. I’d recommend her with my eyes closed!” — Juliana Costa

“Alice is an excellent writer and editor, and it was a pleasure to work with her at Kimkim. As her managing editor, I found Alice to be communicative, dependable, cheerfully responsive to feedback, and an independent worker.” — Jennifer Kotlewski, former managing editor at Kimkim